Shard Tokenomics
Shard has a hard cap of 210 million to ensure an upper limit, rather than infinite inflation. This hard cap may never be reached with the protocols and platforms in which Shard is used due to continuous burns and other deflationary methods, which we look to further expand in the future bringing further value to Shard and the Infinity ecosystem.
As a native ETH token 80 million Shard were minted, of which:
    30 million was used to swap over all Shard holders 1:1 from the legacy chain to ETH or BSC, which 2.65 million Shard was burned at the end of the swap deadline making the supply at the end of the swap 27.35 million Shard;
    6 million for initial liquidity pool staking, Shard staking, bounties, airdrops/distributions, grants, and other incentives;
    44 million locked and released linearly over 4 years from the start date to the Shard community governed treasury ensuring long term growth, adoption, and community involvement with the protocols and ecosystem.
There can be 1% of the current Shard supply minted every half a year into the Shard community governed treasury, this is limited to the max supply and is to be used to ensure continued participation and contribution to Shard and the ecosystem’s growth.
The Shard tokenomics is summarized in this diagram

Time to Reach the Maximum Supply

With the initial supply of 80 million Shard, it would take a minimum of 48 years to reach the maximum supply if the community voted to distribute the maximum amount available each year.
However with the current burn and deflationary methods and then those which we look to further expand on in the future, the maximum supply may never be reached with the trading fees and whitelisting burning alone.

Community Treasury Distribution

The community treasury will start with 44 million Shard which constitutes 55% of the supply and is to be used on an ongoing basis for liquidity mining, Shard staking, community initiatives, grants, airdrops, referral/cashback rewards, marketing, developments, or anything else the community and team may propose and vote on;
The 44 million community treasury fund is locked in a contract and vested over 4 years with a linear release as shown below. The Shard Governance will have access to vested Shard starting on the 1st of June 2021 at 00:00:00 GMT+0.
Unix Timestamp: 1622505600
Unix Timestamp: 1748736000
Time: Tue Jun 01 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0000
Time: Sun Jun 01 2025 00:00:00 GMT+0000
Distribution %
Community Treasury
11,000,000 SHARD
11,000,000 SHARD
11,000,000 SHARD
11,000,000 SHARD


Shard has a range of deflationary methods which help to burn Shard, these can be found on the Shard Use Cases page.
Total Burned: 2,839,822 SHARD
Below you will find a list of all the Shard burns since Shard became a ETH and BSC token:
Burning of the remaining unclaimed Shard from the chain swap
Community marketing fund contribution burn
Infinity Protocol fees and whitelistings burn
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