Application Process & Evaluation
We invite applicants to submit their applications via the following dedicated form, providing the outline of the proposal together with a detailed description and sufficient information on the aims and objectives of the proposal, accompanied with detailed case support. The more information provided when applying the better.
We strongly advise the applicant to post their proposals on Discord in the #grant-proposal channel allowing the community to provide feedback prior to formal submission. This will help applications to receive constructive feedback providing an opportunity to bring further value to your grant proposal and address comments to enhance the likelihood of grant acceptance. Whilst this is recommended it is not a mandatory step especially if applicants wish for their ideas to remain confidential.
Applications will initially be screened and reviewed by the development team. If a proposal passes this initial screening, it will subsequently be reviewed by the Shard committee composed of members of the Shard community and the development team. The comments and scores received from the committee will allow the development team to reach a final decision to accept or decline an application.

Application Time Frame

This review process may take up to 4-8 weeks after submission. We strive to inform applicants of the outcome of their proposal within this timeframe and will inform, in advance, in the unlikely event of a potential delay in communicating a decision or if we require further information to come to a decision.

Application Areas

Our current focus is to provide grants to the following areas, however, applicants do not have to be limited to the following when applying as we are open to all proposals and ideas:
Applications & Integrations - Improving the overall use of Shard or Infinity Protocol by integrating into applications or developing applications using Shard or the Infinity Protocol or by bringing new use cases to Shard and the Infinity Protocol;
This could be anything from exchanges, wallets, bridges, games, collectibles, staking, fiat-ramps, payments, liquidity pool integration, integration of the Infinity Protocol and anything else that brings further use of the Infinity Protocol, Shard or use cases using Shard;
Community & Marketing - Focusing on the growth of the ecosystem with videos, articles, marketing, partnerships and further growth ideas;
Tooling & Infrastructure - Improving the developer experience with tooling, infrastructure and other ideas;
Protocol development - This can include developments of the core Infinity Protocol, other protocols within the Infinity ecosystem or the development of higher-layer protocols that will use the Infinity Protocol;
Code audits - Reviewing the Infinity Protocol or Infinity Wallet and providing a detailed audit;

Application Evaluation

When reviewing applications we will be looking for those that aim to bring value, advancements or uniqueness to the ecosystem, its components and how it will help grow or benefit the community & ecosystem further, so the more innovative a grant proposal the more likely it's acceptance.
Grants are evaluated based on multiple factors, such as:
  • How it may benefit and impact the Infinity ecosystem, Shard and community;
  • The extent and use of protocol features, relation to platforms or use of Shard;
  • What is unique about the proposal, does it bring any advancements or innovation;
  • Status and progress of the project;
  • How the funds will be used and clear justification of the requested grant value needs to be included;
  • The background and previous track record of the applicant(s) is an additional factor to ensure the feasibility and deliverability of the proposal;
  • Potential for the project’s viability, longevity, and anticipated competition;
  • Clearly detailed timeline as well as milestones, project risks and a risk mitigation plan.
We value your contribution and aim to support your ideas. Join us to build the future of decentralized finance and gaming together!
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