Grant Program
The Shard grant program aims to provide valuable resources to help drive participation to support the growth of a vibrant, innovative and thriving community around the Infinity ecosystem. The development team behind the Infinity ecosystem, together with the community are building an innovative, secure, trusted, decentralized and permissionless ecosystem of platforms and protocols for a borderless and global economy that is built to serve the interest of the people.
In support of our mission, we are proud to launch the Shard Grants Program. This continuous Grants Program offers various funding level opportunities to help drive and further enhance the adoption and components of the Infinity ecosystem and Shard. By incentivizing community participation and innovation in developments, integrations, partnerships, marketing, liquidity, research and education.
Grants management is a process that cannot be easily automated, this is why there is a committee composed of members of the Shard community and the development team that will decide on which grant applications to fund on behalf of the Shard community. This allows grants to be funded without each application having to go through the voting process and avoids governance micromanaging the decision process for each grant. It also allows for private grant applications to be considered for novel ideas.
The program will start with 2,000,000 SHARD in funding to support as many applications as accepted. Future renewals for additional funding will need to be approved by the Shard governance as described in the previous section.
We are open to any type of application seeking to bring value, or innovative initiatives that will enhance adoption, use of Shard, community engagement or anything related to the Infinity Ecosystem. Find out more on the following page.
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