Governance System

How is the weight of a wallet determined for governance?

The voting weight of a community member is dependent on the amount of Shard that the community member holds at the time of the snapshot for a governance vote. Additionally, Shard locked in liquidity on Infinity Crypto will also be counted towards the voting weight. As an example, if you hold 30,000 Shard and there is 15,000,000 Shard in circulation, you will have a 0.2% impact on the governance vote.

How is governance voting performed?

Voting will be performed via an off-chain Snapshot voting platform accessible at: This platform will allow Shard community members to vote for free on decentralized off-chain governance proposals. A snapshot block is chosen at the time of creating the proposal, users can then vote by signing a message in their wallet with their vote choice, at zero cost.
We aim to move to on-chain governance in the future as the technology evolves and blockchain costs are significantly reduced. However, we expect off-chain governance to attract more holders to vote currently due to having no cost, bringing greater decentralized participation.
We are proud that through our democratic approach, Shard holders can contribute to the future of Infinity Protocol, Shard and the ecosystem revolutionizing decentralized finance.
We are open to community input and believe that the Infinity ecosystem will significantly benefit from the direct involvement of the Shard community in shaping its future.
Last modified 3mo ago