The Shard governance mechanism is designed as a catalyst for the growth and long-term community-driven governance of the Infinity Protocol and Shard which are ultimately governed by the community.
The ultimate goal is to create a future proof framework that relies on multilevel governance from Shard holders and incentives to create an efficient equilibrium that stimulates growth, optimization, and adoption of the protocols, Shard, and the overall ecosystem.
Decentralized community governance is a cornerstone of our ecosystem
Any member of the Shard community can post a proposal and if sufficient interest arises from the community, then the proposal will be added for voting on the CORE section of the Snapshot voting platform. Only proposals on the Snapshot voting platform in the CORE section can be considered binding if passed with a quorum.
Major structural changes and the use of the Shard treasury are voted on by the community. Whereas smaller changes affecting operations, developments, partnerships, marketing etc. are decided on by the core team and may be put forward for input from the community.
The core team will propose Infinity Crypto and Infinity Wallet whitelisting for the community to vote on. There may also be from time to time proposals on potential integrations, developments or features, to consult the community's opinions. The Shard treasury is a multi-sig wallet consisting of the development team and trusted Shard holders.
A Shard holder can contribute to its future and make their mark by governing Shard and the Infinity Protocol as part of a global community, letting their words, ideas and opinions heard, to help further grow the ecosystem. This creates a distributed and decentralized token and protocol of which the community of Shard holders govern.
We will provide additional details of the process on the following page:
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