We have been involved in the development of some of the most advanced platforms and protocols in decentralized finance "DeFi", as one of the initial projects developing within the space since before DeFi was a buzzword. We plan to continue to be at the forefront of DeFi, and to do so aim to further innovate the existing components of the ecosystem with new protocols and features, as well as expand the Infinity ecosystem with the continuous support of the dedicated community.
We have a vast roadmap with a lot we aim to accomplish over the next 2 years. To fully realize the ideas presented in the roadmap we need to expand our development team, as well as consider the status of the evolving market. We have not included marketing or expansion of the community in our roadmap as these are ongoing processes. Whilst we appreciate that this may not be a traditional approach, we nevertheless prefer and prioritize quality work and organic growth of the Infinity ecosystem and the community.
In line with our historical approach, we will continue to further push innovation and in doing so will collaborate with other projects and partners to identify new methods to bring further value to decentralized finance and the wider crypto market.
We plan to bring additional use-cases and burns to Shard in this growing ecosystem. Some of which are part of the developments below, with others yet to be publicly revealed.
Through delivering on our roadmap we plan to bring continuous cutting edge technologies in decentralized finance "DeFi". Described below are some of the future roadmap developments planned for the next 2 years. The roadmap is divided into estimated time-frames and the components of the Infinity ecosystem that are subject to each plan are highlighted in brackets for each respective point.
Q2 - Q3 2021
Q4 2021 - Q1 2022
Q2 2022 - Q3 2022
Q4 2022+
    Liquidity pool staking, allowing liquidity providers to earn Shard rewards or other tokens by providing liquidity to specific pools. (Infinity Protocols & Infinity Crypto)
    Single token staking, allowing Shard holders or other projects to create a staking pool to distribute their tokens to holders. (Infinity Protocols & Infinity Crypto)
    Custom token importing, allowing for users to import any token on supported chains and making the Infinity Wallet accessible to over 120,000+ tokens. (Infinity Wallet)
    Implement bridge sending, allowing users to send from one chain to another, automatically bridging to make cross-chain sending of cryptocurrencies easier. Currently supported for BC and BSC (Infinity Wallet)
    One click DApp connecting allowing users to instantly connect the Infinity Wallet to any DApp as in this example (Infinity Wallet)
    Integration of Binance Smart Chain and Polygon for use across the Infinity Wallets wide range of features (Infinity Wallet)
    Full re-work of the Infinity Wallet Mobile user interface design. (Infinity Wallet)
    We will continue to integrate new coins and tokens on a monthly basis to support top projects within the crypto market. (Infinity Wallet ongoing)
    Buy/Sell crypto to fiat, to become an all-in-one solution for decentralized finance trading we look to integrate the ability for users to easily get started within the DeFi platform on BSC by providing the ability to buy BNB and other cryptos with fiat. (Infinity Crypto & future Infinity Wallet integration)
    The launch of the Infinity Wallet Mobile Android and iOS with a range of new features & update to the desktop Wallet user interface. (Infinity Wallet)
    Full re-work of the Infinity Wallet Desktop user interface design. (Infinity Wallet)
    Adding NFT support to the wallet to provide users with the ability to send, receive, manage and trade NFTs. (Infinity Wallet)
    Integration of a unique DApp browser for desktop and a DApp store for mobile, to provide instant connecting to any DApp directly within the platform. (Infinity Wallet)
    Integration of DeFi trading directly within the Infinity Wallet using the Infinity Protocol and several other protocols which we look to partner with. (Infinity Wallet)
    Integrate SHARD Send to the Infinity Wallet to easily send SHARD in a trustless manner without requiring ETH or BSC as gas. (Infinity Wallet)
    Decentralized referral system allowing users to invite their friends and earn, as well as earn NFT achievements. (Infinity Protocols, Infinity Crypto & Infinity Wallet)
    Integration of in-wallet staking, allowing users to easily stake within the wallet with a range of PoS, DPoS, Token based, or other staking coins/tokens. (Infinity Wallet)
    Integrating the ability to use a U2F Key to encrypt and access your private keys, making the Infinity Wallet nearly as secure as a hardware wallet. (Infinity Wallet)
    Integration of further wallet connection options providing the ability for users to access Infinity Crypto and manage their assets easier (software, hardware & etc). (Infinity Crypto)
    Development of Infinity Protocol V2 (More information on some of the advancements that V2 will hold can be found below). (Infinity Protocol)
    Expand the protocols to multiple other chains such as Ethereum and Polkadot to allow for cross-chain use of the protocol and platform. (Infinity Protocol & Infinity Crypto)
    Decentralized token offerings, to allow new tokens to easily launch in a fully decentralized environment, based on a set of pre-determined rules. (Infinity Protocols & Infinity Crypto)
    Advanced trading interface directly within the wallet to connect to Infinity Protocol, Binance and other top exchanges from within a single platform. (Infinity Wallet)
    Integration of the future proposal to use a percentage of protocol fees to pay part of traders and liquidity providers gas fees based on the amount of SHARD they are holding. The introduction of this feature will depend on community governance acceptance of the proposal (Infinity Protocol & Shard)
    Gamification by integrating new ways to earn rewards such as trading battles, competitions, lottery and much more. (Infinity Crypto & Infinity Wallet)
    Crypto bags, allowing easy entry into the market and access to the top coins with a single click, without needing to manually diversify holdings. (Infinity Wallet)
    New Wallet options providing users with new ways to backup and access cryptocurrency. Making accessing crypto easier than ever before with social wallets, multi-sig wallets, online wallets, and secure cloud decentralized backup options. (Infinity Wallet)
    Hardware wallet integration allowing for direct use of ledger and Trezor within the Infinity Wallet and other wallets. (Infinity Wallet)
    Integration of loans and borrowing, allowing users to lend to earn a passive income or borrow, all fully decentralized and accessible directly within the Infinity Wallet (Infinity Wallet)
    Infinity Card providing users the ability to top up their card account with their crypto in seconds and spend globally in any store that accepts visa (Infinity Wallet)

Infinity Protocol V2

With Infinity Protocol V2, we will be looking to further innovate on our existing protocol and bring further advancements and a wide range of features. Some of these advancements that will be built on top of our current advanced v1 protocol are:
    Limit Orders integration of on-chain order book with limit orders to expand the available options for all traders alongside pool liquidity, allowing liquidity pool providers to also earn with limit traders;
    Liquidity Providing within a certain price range allowing liquidity providers to provide liquidity in a price range to maximize earnings in addition to the other methods, all interconnected into a single liquidity pool providing multiple new options to provide liquidity and increase earnings.
    Margin Trading to trade tokens with leverage on-chain while rewarding providers.
    Decentralized Loans providing users with the ability to provide liquidity at 0 risks and earn interest, or take out loans at competitive rates fully on the blockchain.
    Decentralized Indexes that will be decentralized governed indexes fully on the blockchain, allowing for easy diversification across a wide range of cryptocurrencies in seconds.
    Decentralized Index Trading allowing traders, institutions and others to be able to trade crypto indexes via a fully decentralized protocol & platform with in-depth analytics.

Additional Future Plans

Our future plans include the development and release of other platforms and protocols including InfinitySwap as a multi-chain crypto aggregator for trading, liquidity pools, yield farming and much more, as an all-in-one decentralized aggregation protocol & platform.
We also look to expand into other potential areas including NFTs and gaming in the future, to bring further innovation to the space and value to Shard and the ecosystem.
We strive to bring new innovative platforms, protocols, and value to the ever-growing Infinity ecosystem. As one of the most professional and leading ecosystems within the industry, while being one of the few self-funded projects built from the ground up.
We will continue to work with the community on integrating new ideas and features that are in demand. As well as supporting innovative proposals through the Shard Grants Program, which we have already described, to incentivize further involvement of the community in shaping the future direction of the Infinity ecosystem.
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