Features & Notable Advancements
The Infinity Wallet provides a wide range of features and services for both novice and advanced users alike. All within a single platform sporting a professional interface crafted for the best user experience. Working closely with the community to create the perfect user environment, with constant developments to provide exactly what users want and need. Currently the Infinity Wallet is one of very few DeFi platforms attempting to bring real value to decentralized finance. Working to fulfil the needs of users globally with a professional interface and a growing set of features and services that users would expect from decentralized finance, currently lacking across most platforms within the space. Listed below are some of the features and what the Infinity Wallet can do, followed by a more in-depth explanation of other sections and features of the Infinity Wallet for desktop.
    Supporting over 150,000+ cryptocurrencies across 10 chains
    Custom token importing for ETH, BSC and POLYGON
    Cross-chain sending, currently supporting BC & BSC
    Connect to any Dapp or DeFi platform in seconds
    D2FA integration providing extra wallet security
    Automatically optimized and user customizable transaction fees
    Ability to custom change a transaction fee
    Export all transactions or filtered transactions in a click
    Create multiple unique wallets or local accounts if you are sharing a device
    Drag and scan QR code technology developed for easy desktop scanning
    Decentralized payment requests
    Wallet address book
    Multiple wallet type options with more to come
    Stay up to date with the latest news and statistics
Below you will find some of the current features and notable advancements of the Infinity Wallet. Additionally we have many future developments planned such as bridging, decentralized cross-chain aggregation for trading, liquidity pools, lending/borrowing and farming, NFTs, staking, fiat-crypto trading and much more in the roadmap. To bring further cutting edge advancements, as the leading all-in-one DeFi wallet providing all a user would ever need.

Manage your entire portfolio at a glance

With the Infinity Wallet users can easily monitor their entire portfolio. View earnings, transactions (overall or individually), analytics, graphs, price data and much more in real-time. In an intuitive platform designed and developed for the best possible user experience, providing exactly what users need to never miss anything and keep track of all their holdings to make the best decisions.

Send, receive & manage thousands of digital assets

The Infinity Wallet supports thousands of coins and tokens on the most popular blockchains. Providing users the ability to easily send, receive and manage multiple coins and tokens at a click of a button. Within an interface designed to suit even the most novice users, along with advanced features and options for crypto veterans.

Exchange in seconds

Infinity Wallet provides users the ability to easily trade within a single click at the best rates across the market, within an easy intuitive interface. Eliminating the need for unnecessary steps, such as wallet connecting, searching for the best prices, depositing and withdrawing from exchanges and so on. All while optimizing transaction fees for the best price possible across centralized or decentralized exchanges.
In the future we look to integrate the Infinity aggregation protocol which will allow for the cross-chain aggregation of all decentralized services (trading, liquidity pools, farming, loans and etc..) further improving the user experience, as well as integrating buy/sell from fiat, advanced trading interface for aggregated DEXs and CEXs for more experienced users and much more, further innovating with multiple trading options for all types of users needs.

Monitor the market

The Infinity Wallet provides users with all the information they need, so they can easily track and analyse the entire crypto market directly from a single platform. Users can view the overall market, individual coin stats, coin market pairs, individual exchange stats and pairs, set alarms for price changes and much more. Providing users with the tools and information they need to stay up to date and catch potential opportunities. Additionally users can receive the latest market news and updates from projects via Beacon announcements.
Overall coins and tokens section
Individual coins page for stats, graphs, alerts, news, market pairs and much more

Connect to any Dapp or DeFi platform

On the Infinity Wallet users can access any Dapp or DeFi platform. It is one of the first desktop wallets to support connecting to Dapps and DeFi platforms, bringing a new and enhanced experience to users that previously had to use less secure and feature-less browser extensions.
To connect to Dapps and DeFi platforms on desktop we developed a technology to make the process as easy and hassle free as possible. If a Dapp or DeFi platform supports the Infinity Wallet a user can simply click to connect, if the platform does not directly support the Infinity Wallet a user can utilize WalletConnect if supported and simply drag our desktop scan technology over the QR code to instantly connect their wallet securely. On mobile the user will be able to find Dapps or DeFi platforms within the Dapp store, or connect directly with any Dapp or DeFi platform using WalletConnect.
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