The Infinity protocol is a collection of open-source interoperable protocols, consisting of multiple smart contracts providing a range of unique decentralized services, powering the forefront of cross-chain decentralized finance. The core of the Infinity Protocol is an on-chain automated market-maker based liquidity and decentralized exchange protocol powered by a constant product formula, (the automated market-making algorithm) that can be executed on any EVM compatible blockchain. The Infinity Protocol can be used by any developer or application, to enable the exchange of value via a global liquidity and exchange solution on the blockchain, along with multiple sub protocols.
Infinity Protocol is advancing the infrastructure of decentralized finance, providing an open, transparent, secure and censorship-resistant protocol for anyone looking to tap into it for global and open liquidity, trading, investing, lending, earning and much more.
Infinity Protocol is empowering the world of decentralized finance with unstoppable liquidity and frictionless solutions. Providing infinite possibilities and use cases for thousands of users and hundreds of applications, in an open and accessible financial marketplace for developers, liquidity providers, financial institutions, exchanges, wallets, traders and anyone else.
Currently the Infinity Protocol is live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with future plans to expand to Ethereum, Polygon and other EVM compatible blockchains. As a unique cross-chain protocol for decentralized finance, providing a wide range of innovative DeFi solutions.
The overview of the Infinity Protocol
Additionally, the Infinity Protocol removes the need for trusted intermediaries. It is implemented as a set of persistent, non-upgradeable smart contracts executed on decentralized public blockchains, providing secure, non-custodial, permission-less and censorship-resistant access at all times. The Infinity Protocol is open-source licensed under the GPL, and any ecosystem participants are encouraged to contribute to and enhance the Infinity Protocol and SHARD (the central token in the ecosystem).
The Infinity Protocol smart contracts are fully open-source and accessible to anyone on the public blockchain directly without an interface, removing any dependence on a central party. Users, developers, liquidity providers, financial institutions, exchanges, wallets and traders may additionally integrate the Infinity Protocols. Or create and deploy their own interfaces for interaction with the Infinity Protocols, to take benefit of the unique features and advancements that it provides.
The following sections provide a detailed description of the concepts behind the Infinity Protocol for educational purposes, as well as documentation for advanced users on communicating with the smart contracts for direct use and development.
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