Notable Advancements
The Infinity Protocol brings several unique advancements to the space, with a focus on ease-of-use functionality to provide the best decentralized experience for global adoption.
Single sided liquidity providing, allows for adding to a liquidity pool by providing liquidity in just one of the tokens of the pair.
Flexible liquidity providing, gives liquidity providers ultimate flexibility in how they choose to provide liquidity. Allowing to simply provide any amount of the 2 tokens in a pair without the need to add at the exact ratio of the pair.
Dual and single token removal, allows liquidity providers to choose to receive their liquidity and earnings in a single token when removing liquidity. Rather than receiving both tokens of a pair and then having to swap for the one you want, saving gas and time.
Staking pools, revolutionary permission-less and refillable rewards pools, with many unique advancements. Stake liquidity and other tokens, to receive bonus rewards on top of the collected trading fees.
Dynamic naming of liquidity and staking tokens, based on their constituent tokens. Making it easier for users to identify what liquidity they are providing, in their wallets or via block explorers such as BscScan, as well as for integration into Dapps or other DeFi projects.
Cross-chain, the Infinity Protocol is a decentralized protocol executed across a range of chains, starting with the Binance Smart Chain and coming soon to Ethereum. With many more chains to be deployed on such as Polkadot, Polygon and others.
We look to further advance the Infinity Protocol with v2, which aims to provide a much wider range of unique advancement. The v2 protocol will be developed at a later date as we take on additional team members, and will bring unseen advancements within the space. More on v2 can be found here.
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