Core Concepts
The Infinity Protocol is a non-custodial Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol, governed by Shard holders. Utilizing interoperable smart contracts operating on multiple blockchains for multi-chain trading, liquidity providing, and liquidity mining. There are additional future sub-protocols to be developed for limit trading, margin trading, crypto & stock indexes, lending/borrowing and much more. The development of blockchain technology and DeFi have provided an opportunity to build an alternative financial system. In which key functions of centralized financial institutions including trading, earning, borrowing and much more, can now be democratically governed by ordinary people in a decentralized way.
There is significant potential and unmet needs in creating the type of financial system where its structure and governance caters for the interest of, and importantly managed by the people, in a trust-less decentralized way.
We believe that blockchain-based decentralized finance (DeFi) is the innovative and viable technological financial alternative, to replace the existing financial structure.
DeFi offers many advantages; it is open to everyone, permission-less, censorship-resistant, cost-effective and importantly does not require trusting intermediaries. Executed as smart contracts on public decentralized blockchains, the protocols benefit from being always available with immutable security. In this section, we will provide a more detailed description of the inner workings of each element of the Infinity Protocol core concepts, covering the following items:
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