Infinity Crypto (https://infinitycrypto.com/) is a decentralized and non-custodial exchange. It is the web interface for seamless interaction with the Infinity Protocols. Providing decentralized finance globally to all users, as one of the most professional, innovative and feature-rich decentralized platforms in the industry. Crafted for the best possible experience, while providing a wide range of unique features and decentralized services utilizing the Infinity Protocols.
Infinity Crypto and the Infinity Protocols have been initially launched on Binance Smart Chain, and are to be released in the future on the Ethereum blockchain, prior to further expansion onto other chains as an all-in-one multi-chain decentralized experience.
One of the main disadvantages of using a typical decentralized exchange or DeFi platform is poor user experience, resulting from a lack of relevant information and an over-complicated interface. We are leading in this area by creating an easy-to-use platform interface, crafted for users both with or without advanced trading experience. In addition, we aim to continue to bring cutting edge innovations to decentralized finance and trading technology for the best user experience, along with a wide range of new features, advancements and services utilizing the Infinity Protocols. Making decentralized finance easier to adopt than ever before for everyone.
Infinity Crypto: A unique & leading DeFi platform bringing a wide range of advancements
For on-demand liquidity in a fully decentralized environment, we use an Automated Market Maker model. As explained in Automated Market Maker (AMM), there is no traditional order book, instead, the power of decentralized liquidity pools are utilized. Users can provide liquidity and in doing so automatically receive 0.35% of the trading fees collected by the pool, in proportion to their share of the pool. Allowing users to earn a passive income on their crypto, as well as the possibility to earn additional rewards in certain pools utilizing the unique Infinity Rewards Protocol. Any user can add liquidity, to either an existing pool or a new pool created by the user from any 2 desired tokens. The same applies to creating a rewards pool, which has been developed to allow any tokens team or user to create a rewards pool. Allowing for truly open and trust-less decentralized finance, on one of the few ecosystems constantly innovating with new technology. As a fully decentralized finance platform, users can connect their wallets with Infinity Crypto to interact directly with the Infinity Protocols. Once connected a user can easily provide liquidity for passive earning, instantly trade their crypto assets, earn through staking or referral incentives, monitor their portfolio, stats and other data or utilize the Infinity Bridge, as well as many other features and services. Some of the features of Infinity Crypto and the overall structure are depicted in the following diagram.
Over the following pages, we will describe the features and functions, as well as provide step-by-step guides on how to easily interact with Infinity Crypto.
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