Farms & Staking Pools
Our permission-less staking pools bring many advancements to the space, allowing anyone to create a rewards pool for any token. The pools are refillable, allowing users to continue to stake their liquidity or tokens without having to hop around to new pools. To find out more regarding how Staking/Farming works click here.
Liquidity Farming Pools incentivize users to provide liquidity to a trading pair, by distributing a rewards token to those that stake their LP tokens for the pair. Staking Pools are a way for projects to distribute their tokens to users who stake Shard or other tokens in a pool. This can also be used for tokens to easily setup staking for their token holders.
We encourage users and projects to create a staking or farming pool and apply for it to appear on Infinity Crypto. To increase adoption, awareness, volume, liquidity and community growth.
To apply for a farm or staking pool please fill in the following form. To prevent delays in reviewing your request we encourage applicants to provide as much detail as possible.
A staking/farming pool offering rewards in any whitelisted token will be automatically accepted, if the staking token is Shard or any whitelisted liquidity pair.

How long will it take to receive a response?

We aim to reach a decision and inform you of acceptance as soon as possible. Usually if you have not heard back from us within 4 weeks, it would generally mean your application has been declined. Please refrain from sending multiple applications in the same month.
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