Components of the Infinity Ecosystem
The Infinity ecosystem is currently comprised of 3 platforms and protocols, as well as a governance and utility token used across this vast ecosystem:

Infinity Protocol

An open, decentralized and non-custodial automated liquidity and trading protocol, that facilitates permission-less trading without a middleman. It is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, and coming to Ethereum, Polygon and other EVM compatible blockchains. Bringing a range of unique developments and DeFi services, focusing on building the foundation of decentralized finance.
The Infinity Protocol benefits liquidity providers allowing them to earn 0.35% of traded volume proportional to their share, as well as traders engaged in buying or selling crypto assets, by setting the price through automated market-making without the involvement of a middleman.
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The Infinity protocol offers a range of usability features and advancements, including the ability to add or remove a single token or flexible amounts of tokens from liquidity pools.
Infinity Protocol: an innovative protocol at the forefront of decentralized finance
Infinity Protocol is building the infrastructure for decentralized finance, empowering developers, liquidity providers, financial institutions, exchanges, wallets and traders to participate in an open and accessible financial marketplace. It is a decentralized financial bridge between digital assets, providing an open, transparent, secure and censorship-resistant protocol for anyone looking to tap into global and open liquidity. With many more features to come and advancements planned.

Infinity Crypto

A new type of user-centric decentralized finance “DeFi” platform & exchange, interfacing with a range of decentralized services on the blockchain. Infinity Crypto brings many advancements built on top of the Infinity Protocol, taking decentralized trading and finance technology to the next level, within a seamlessly designed interface. Infinity Crypto is building the future of DeFi, providing exactly what users need, with the goal to provide the best user experience, allowing for easier adoption of DeFi for everyone. Bringing many benefits of decentralization to users, including security, transparency, permission-less and non-custodial trading, liquidity providing, earning, portfolio management, farming, staking, bridging and much more. All in a user-friendly and seamless interface geared for both novice and advanced users.
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Infinity Crypto allows instant, non-custodial token swaps, as well as advanced decentralized trading and the ability to earn by providing liquidity without registration. Simply connect with your Infinity Wallet or any other compatible wallet and start trading!

Infinity Wallet

The ultimate all-in-one decentralized multi-currency and easy to use cryptocurrency wallet, for all a user's needs. Offering a wide range of unique features and advancements, as the only application a user will ever need to access the world of DeFi, on desktop with mobile coming soon.
This state-of-the-art cryptocurrency wallet allows users to easily manage multiple digital assets within a secure environment. Users can swap their crypto assets at the best prices within their wallet, monitor the cryptocurrency market, access the latest cryptocurrency news, interact directly with Dapps and DeFi platforms, and much more. On a platform crafted for the best possible user experience, streamlining the adoption of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance globally, building one of the leading feature rich wallet interfaces available and actively working with top projects in the cryptocurrency and DeFi space to find ways to bring further value to all.
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Infinity Wallet provides users with an all-in-one platform for their decentralized financial needs. Currently users can access the Infinity Wallet via desktop, however, a mobile wallet is in the works for later this year (2021) with further features.
Infinity Waller: a state-of-the-art all-in-one decentralized universal crypto wallet


A unique global, decentralized and interoperable cryptocurrency and governance token. Governed by the community and used to govern the Infinity Protocol, with a wide variety of use cases as the native token across a range of platforms and protocols.
Shard is a multi-chain token and is currently accessible to anyone on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, with plans to further expand to other blockchains. The Infinity Protocol and the other Platforms within the ecosystem have unique protocols for burning Shard, benefiting all Shard holders.
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Shard is used to power the Infinity ecosystem; a collection of rich interconnected platforms & protocols, providing a wide range of features, governance, benefits, burns and others use cases to Shard.
Shard: the native token central to Infinity ecosystem

Development of Additional Products

In addition, we are currently planning for the inclusion of the following future platforms and protocols into our ecosystem:
Infinity Swap, a cross-chain DeFi aggregator protocol & platform for trading at the best prices across the market, yield farming, liquidity pools and much more all aggregated under one roof. Saving users, developers and businesses time and money, with access to multiple DeFi protocols within a single cross-chain interoperable protocol and platform.
NFT Marketplace, a cross-chain non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace & protocol to create, manage, auction or trade NFTs, for artists, games and more on a revolutionary platform. The marketplace protocol will also be directly integrated into the Infinity Wallet.
Infinity Games, we plan to expand into gaming in the future to bring new utility to Shard, by creating some of the leading PC & mobile games. We aim to create our own games, as well as to work with the community to bring new community-developed games utilizing Shard through the Grant Program.
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